Crown Destoner


The Crown De-stoner operates on a simplified Gravity Separator design. Its function is to remove impurities with a significantly larger specific weight from a sample: i.e. stones, mud balls, metal and more.


  • Stone Removal
  • Seed Cleaning
  • Food Processing
  • Malting


Crown De-stoners are used to separate stones, metal, glass, mud balls, sticks and more from dry seeds and other products.

The separator works on a fluidized bed principle: air is forced through the deck causing the light fraction to float above the heavy fraction. The deck is reciprocated, causing the heavy fraction (stones etc) to move uphill, while the light fraction (seeds etc) “float” downhill. Variations in deck speed, air volume, deck type, deck angle and depth of product allow almost any dry products to be processed successfully.


Crown De-stoners are robustly constructed from mild steel with aluminium decks. The deck angle is adjusted by a simple jack system, and efficient fan with filter and adjustable damper produced a pressurised air flow through the deck. The deck speed is varied with an inverter drive.

Popular Separations

  • Beans, Peas, Maize
  • Sunflower, Peanuts
  • Coffee
  • Cereals, Lentils
  • Herbs, Spices
  • Copper